Castaways Bowl

1025 Sibley Blvd
Calumet City, IL 60409

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Prices are subject to change during Chirstmas eve, New years Eve and Day. 

Monday-Thursday open till 5pm $1.75 per game

Monday-Thursday 5pm-close $2.00 per Game

Friday 11am-5pm $1.75 per Game 

Friday 5pm-3am $4.00 per Game

Saturday 11am-5pm $3.00 per Game

Saturday 5pm-3am $4.25 per Game

Sunday 11am-close $3.00 All Day

Shoe Rental always $3.50

(Glow Bowling)

Thursday 10pm-2am

Friday 10:30pm-3am

Saturdays 8pm-3am