Bowling Specials



Save more and play more with our Daily Specials! We offer something every single day of the week to help you stretch your dollars and have a great time! All daily specials are walk-in only and cannot be combined with reservations.

Daily Pricing

Prices are subject to change.
Monday-Thursday open till 5pm $2.50 per game
Monday-Thursday 5pm-1am $4.00 per Game
Friday 11am-5pm $2.75 per Game
Friday 5pm-1am $6.50 per Game
Saturday 11am-5pm $5.00 per Game
Saturday 5pm-1am $7.00 per Game
Sunday 11am-1am $5.00 All Day
Shoe Rental always $4.00

Socks $3.50

Glow Bowling

Friday 11pm-1:00am
Saturdays 9pm-1:00am

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